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My name is Denise and I'm a blog addict! I like to have things in "order" (or my perceived notion of order 😄 ). So......I need another blog!! 

This blog will focus on World War 1, the Great War, the War to End All Wars. I have posted various World War 1 themed blog posts on my other blogs, which I will be reposting on this one from time to time. 

My other blogs include:

Denise's Genealogy Journey: serves as my online research journal for my family genealogy

Denise's Cemetery Journeys: highlights visits to various cemeteries primarily, at the moment, in Maryland

Denise's Two Cents: hodgepodge of various topics including but not limited to: genealogy (not pertaining to my family), history, commuting rants...what every I want to voice my two cents about!!
Below are my social media contact information. Please feel free to contact me. There may be a delay in responding but I will!!

Email:        decfamily314@gmail.com

Twitter:     Denise's Gen Journey

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