Blogs & Podcasts & Websites

I am continuing to find new sources of information from various websites, blogs and podcasts. Here I will be updating those I find so that others may take a look and hopefully find something they are looking for as well. 

If you come across any that you may find useful or entertaining, please let me know. 


A list of podcasts that I am, have and/or will listen to during my commute:

History of the Great War

World War 1 Podcast from the MacArthur Memorial

World War One from BBC Radio

World War One at Home by BBC Radio Ulster

Battles of the First World War Podcast

IWM Voices of the First World War

1913: The Year Before by BBC Radio 4

1914: Day by Day

All of the above may be found on iTunes and other podcast agress????

There are also many history podcasts that have featured episodes on World War 1 as well. If you do a search on "World War 1" in iTunes, the episodes that feature a World War 1 topic are listed.


Tennessee World War I Gold Star Records

NARA - World War I Centennial

Vimy Foundation - Canada World War I