13 April, 2017

An Appeal To The Residents of Essex County, New York

I am noticing all the announcements and appeals that have started to show up in various newspapers now the the United States has entered the Great War in April 2017. Below is an appeal that appeared in the April 13, 2017 edition of the Adirondack Record:

The Adirondack Record, Au Sable Forks, NY
April 13, 1917, page 1


It is hoped that our farmers here in Essex County will plant {illegible} land this year and raise larger crops than ever before, tilling every available acre with staple food supplies such as potatoes, beans and onions; plant wherever you can; raise hogs and cattle, and not only raise them, but fatten them so as to obtain as much of the best producing meats as possible.

The Home Defense League are planning and hope to furnish seed to those unable to buy them, but who will agree to cultivate them, and repay from the crop raised the amount of seed furnished, and from every ten bushels raised one bushel or its equivalent in money?

People owning land or parcels of ground not being cultivated are earnestly urged to offer such ground to people who will agree to plant and cultivate it.

Every little helps, and every bushel of food raised will help just that much in the emergency. Every one doing this will be doing his bit to help, not only himself but the whole country. Your country needs your help, more perhaps in this way than your presence on the firing line. Will you help?

Chairman Home Defense Committee

Of course back in 1917 there were no 24 hour news sources so the newspapers of the day were THE vehicle to get information out to the people. When I am reading the papers, especially from the area my family is from in northern New York, I often wonder what was going through the minds of my relatives when they read (or were read to) these announcements and articles. Did they agree? Did they disagree? Were they just going with the flow? Were they aware of what was going in Europe? 

So begins the Great War for America........

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