04 April, 2017

Welcome to Denise's World War I HQ!


The focus of this blog is World War 1 aka the Great War aka the War to End All Wars. It has also fascinated me beginning with dressing up as a World War 1 solider for Halloween in a REAL uniform!! My interest was reignited in 1914 for the beginning of the Centennial of the start of the War in Europe. It was further sparked by the various podcasts and videos that started coming out at that time.  In my journeys searching for cemeteries, I come across many war memorials. I started taking photos of them as well. Then I started a mission to photograph all the World War 1 memorials and monuments that I could. I am still on that journey and have still have many more to go!

I also plan to incorporate newspapers from the time to highlight the what was happening at the home front. I plan to use my personal photos of not only monuments but old family photos from the time. 

So let's get this Centennial started!!

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